• $995.00 In Stock (2/3 weeks delivery time)

    A high wind wave riding and freeriding machine renowned for unprecedented stability and control. 

  • $1,095.00 Product available with different options

    An instant classic and the perfect tool for a solid wave session or strong wind Twin Tip "blast off" days.  

  • $1,195.00 Sold Out

    The master in waves, freeriding and a high wind freestyle machine! 

  • $1,285.00 In Stock (2/3 weeks delivery time)

    One of the 3 original Rabbits that 8 years ago became an icon within the kitesurfing industry, the most popular and probably the most preferred kite in the Rabbit range.

  • $1,360.00 Sold Out

    Renowned for its versatile performance whether its freeriding, freestyle or in waves, the Punch boasts amazing upwind performance, stability and precision bar control.

  • $1,435.00 In Stock (2/3 weeks delivery time)

    The most important and respected gang member has undergone the most significant changes and improvements making him the potential "perfect" big kite. 

  • $1,535.00 Sold Out

    An amazing light wind weapon with superb low end performance and turning speed, for bigger riders and regular (weight) guys and girls who not only want to ride in light breezes but actually perform all regular tricks or have a wave session.