5M - RG 3.0 BUNNY KITE (multipump)

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A high wind wave riding and freeriding machine renowned for unprecedented stability and control. Now complemented with the latest "RG 3.1" kite control system and our heavy duty kite pump 2.0!

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A high wind wave riding and freeriding machine renowned for unprecedented stability and control. The smallest kite in the range has always been very likeable, with almost no weaknesses. Stable, responsive, but not too fast, makes Bunny a wave rider's dream in strong winds and an absolute must have for all lighter weight riders. Improvements include a slightly lower bar pressure, improved lift and upwind capabilities.

Available colors


Recommended Bar Size

Wind Range

  • 25-40 knots (70kg rider on standard TT board)
  • 30-45 knots (85kg rider on standard TT board)


Direct Control & Effortless Re-Launch

4 lines setup together with compact V-bridles provide direct handling and response when controlling the RG 3.0 kite, as well almost automatic and effortless re-launch.

Extensive Wind Range

Unique Rabbit shape, profile and technical design together with perfectly balanced bridle settings, provide extensive wind range for amazing low end and high end performance in each size, combined with 100% safety flag out capabilities.

Customizable Settings & Versatile Performance

The user friendly and simple to adjust settings, covers every riding style: from classic freeride to every day freestyle to incredible wave session

Premium Materials & Durable Construction

Built only with the highest quality fabrics: the canopy is made with a very light and super durable rip-stop SPI cloth from Teijin (Japan); leading edge, struts and tips are built with polyester heavy cloth made by Dimension Polyant (Germany).

Precision Profile Design

Each RG 3.0 size has its own, unique profile shape and is designed individually in order to provide a similar feeling and maximize performance. 3-struts, low aspect profile design ensures maximum stability in all wind conditions.

Single Point Inflation - RAF

RAF - Rabbit Air Flow - allows for fast, single point inflating the kite (Multi Point Inflation is also available for the old school Rabbit connoisseurs).





Perfected, versatile performance inflatable kite


All new ergonomic kite bag & functional inner bag


Bladder/Canopy repair essentials


High quality with rapid inflation



RG 3.0 Control Bar *

Re-engineered, safe & durable
  • Multiple bar setup options
  • Safe with 100% flagout
  • All new components/molds
  • Thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip
  • New precision engineered metal center piece
  • New harness loop system when hooking in
  • New Quick Release (QR)
  • Considerably shortened distance between harness loop end and bar shaft.
  • Increased durability of the depower main line
  • Simple, innovative, dingy guy
  • New (reduced sized) shaped bar ends
  • New bar ends provide for ease of use when winding up kite lines


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