Wainman Hawaii is an international water-sports company offering premium quality products with cutting edge design and genuine, customer-friendly service.

We do not rush our R&D as it takes time to develop, refine and improve solid products that we are so passionate about, that we believe in.

Based in Maui, Hawaii, with our main sales offices in Florida, Europe and production facilities all over the world. Wainman Hawaii has established itself in the kiteboarding market as an innovator and leader in many aspects of the industry. 

We pride ourselves on being a functional and influential company, providing unique, innovative and original products focusing on constant improvements in products and quality customer service.

Exciting. Innovative. Performance. Head Turning. Safe. Durable. Classic – a few words that have been used by our team riders, test riders and the development team to describe our product line up.

We have absolutely no doubt that you will be as enthused as we are with the performance, attention to detail and complete package in our growing product range.


Wainman Hawaii Team